Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Memories from University

I started to remember how great university was, and how lucky I was with the people I have meet during the course. Of course that colleagues are those with which friendship lasts longer, but there was one or two teachers that were also, for a reason or other, relevant for my development as a human being.

I remember Professor Ernesto Costa, a teacher that was either loved or hated by the students. His brilliant mind, is devotion to education, to never stop trying to get something out of the students, to push them into their potential, his witty, but so smart comment on the students. I'm just sorry that I had only one class with him (Artificial Intelligence and not more (I had one of my worst marks in my course at that class). I also remember how much he liked Common LISP... I guess a pure software theorist is always bound to fall for the pure aspect of LISP programming but I was told that now he come to his senses and learned (as is teaching) Python.

I know that he still remembers the time when he caught me with a supermarket bag with a bottle of vodka and two of juice - me and some friends were going to have a party that day and I was the one that was supposed to take the vodka, other took other things - I know because he still tell this story to anyone that want to listen to it. Specially if I am around.

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