Friday, June 11, 2010

Another ride

It seams like pains induced by prolonged bike rides are short lived, so we went for another bike trip. This time we decided to go east, to Santa Cruz (wonderful city) and then ride through the Bosque de la Esperanza. Beautiful landscapes, great roads, good company and a motorcycle that is quite underpowered. What else can you ask (apart from a better bike)?

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Still no pictures uploaded. No patience for that just yet.

When we decided to come to Tenerife (it was a 5 minutes decision) we didn't dewed some much into details - like what to expect from such a small island. Asking around to some friends we were told not to expect nothing great. Well, maybe thanks to those advices our expectations were high but they were completely blown away. The cities are well arranged and clean, the people are nice, and the volcanic landscape provides a never ending moments of visual pleasure.

My advice, if you're coming to Tenerife, is to rent a bike the next day you arrive. You can go anywhere with it, park almost anywhere and mostly see the landscape as you ride in good mountain roads.

We're loving it!

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