Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guincho, new board!

Yeah! I have a new board!

We went to Guincho, Portugal, with the idea of checking some windsurf boards. I found what I wanted. Yes!

The wind was playing tricks. When we arrived the sand was blowing and there were some 8 windsurfers. Then we went to Guincho Wind Factory to check a board that was there waiting for me.

The time we took to just go there, have a look at the board (and a new mast) and pack everything, was not that much (one hour and a half at most). I was still thinking that I was going to make some nice photos and vides...

When we arrived we were dismayed! The wind was completely gone. No one, aside for surfers that use only second hand wind energy (don't take offence, I'm just kidding).

I'll share some more photos of my new board soon... Here is a appetizer:


Vini Fonz said...

Hell yeah!! Quero ver a bixona planando!! (PS: so pra evitar ambiguidades haha, bixona no sentido de bixo, animal, feminino, a prancha ;) )

Unknown said...

Sim.. tb quero andar a voar com ela e gozar umas ondas também - lá vou eu partir mais uns mastros.