Monday, August 02, 2010

BEST-UC Summer Course Weekend

Part of the events organized for the BEST Coimbra LBG Summer Course was a weekend at Foz do Arelho with accommodation at the Volunteer Firemen gymnasium at Caldas da RaĆ­nha.

As you can see by the photo above the weather was not that great at the seaside. The sun was blocked by low clouds. It tricked lots of people into just falling asleep without any sun protection, waking up some hours after with patches of burned, red skin.

Dinner was a nice barbecue, with lots of food for everyone, some beer and juice. Rather calm as you can see.

It was the birthday of one of the participants, Martin, so we sang him a "Happy Birthday" song and gave him a cake to kiss. The next photo shows that it was a passionate kiss...

Some girls we making really weird faces when on camera but still manage to look good.

The place were everyone was staying was really a nice place. The Firemen were friendly and fun, the gymnasium had stuff for us to play and huge mattresses were people could lay down for sleep, and even a football table.

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