Monday, November 01, 2010

Another good Autumn session

After the storm that hit most of Portugal, with strong wind and heavy rain, comes a great day for windsurf. At least that what happened today.

Monday is usually a working day, but today it's a holiday (a religious one) so I had a free ticked to go and ride.

The ocean was to ruff to go inside, although it wasn't as bad as yesterday (photos are of yesterday), therefore I (and others) decided that the Ria de Aveiro was a good choice.

This time I don't have any pictures of the windsurf session (no photographer available) but here is my report:

high at 10:39, low at 16:50
35 knots (18 m/s) during the morning, with gusts up to 40 knots (21 m/s), decreasing to 20 knots (10 m/s) as the afternoon progresses.
It was easy going and fun. The wind was mostly constant and the water was flat until the tide started to lower. Then it became more interesting, with the tide waves creating nice ramps for jumping.

In one jump a classic board and rig goes with the wind, rider goes down happened to me, with the front foot locked in the strap and being twisted in abnormal ways. It hurts a bit, but with daylight saving time gone (meaning sunset it's around half past five) and the wind forecast being rather dull I'll have time for it to get well.

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