Monday, July 25, 2011

Repairing the board nose

In my last post you can see some pictures and a description of what happened to my poor board. It was a sad moment indeed.

Being a let's give it a try kind of person I decided to repair the board by myself.

One of the hardest moments was when I used a electric grinder. The view of that fast spinning disk approaching my board was as if it was getting close to my own skin.

In the second image you can see my very focus and concerned face. I use the grinder to remove the outer skin from the board (the fiber/carbon glass) so that it can be replaced.

This is how it looks like after using abrading away the skin from the around the injured part. You can't see it in very well in the photo but the foam inside suffered compression and is a bit smashed.

To fill the hole left by removing the parts of the foam that were smashed or ruined I did a mixture of epoxy with fiber glass. This mixture has a really easy consistency to work with. One can just apply it in the hole and it will harden there without running away.

You can see that I used some pain tape to protect the board and keep the area "isolated". After the filling is hard then it was time to grind it down to a smooth surface.

When grinding it I found that my inexperienced had led me to create some holes. Fortunately abrading the filling brought thous holes to my attention and I could fill them (again with a mixture of epoxy and fiber glass).

After the second filling and grinding the board nose starts to look a lot better. Even if there is a lot that still need to be done:

  1. use fiber glass to recreate the board skin at the nose;
  2. grind it down to s smooth surface;
  3. paint it (spray painting seams to be the best option)
  4. polish it.

Until now I can't say that it was a hard task. It is a bit time consuming and the time waiting for things to settle or harden is quite long. The feeling that you're taking care of your own board makes it worthwhile.

When I get the fiber glass I'll continue... as I'm still waiting for it to arrive to the shop.

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