Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surprise wind

You go into the water, thinking that it's going to be one of those lazy evening with 14 knots of wind, just doing some light air freestyle (nothing fancy) and...

A dark cloud approaches, the wind picks up, rain drops start to fall and all of a sudden you're planning like crazy, fully powered with the 5.0m² sail you took to fool around. That's bound to be fun. Except... you didn't bring a harness, the sail is rigged for light wind and you didn't even had time to warm up.

Planning becomes the only option - the sail is a lot lighter when you're not dragging over the water. Still your muscles cry in pain, your hands clenched like hooks fighting to keep the boom.

In front some small shops cries for some hip movement and you can't resit. Timing it correctly you take off, flying over the water, closing your body, feeling the balance. One moment that last hours.

Eventually it has to end. Hands no longer work. Adrenaline surpasses muscle pain only until a limit. The later then returns with a vengeance.

The cloud that brought this episode is also departing. At the west the sun rays of the end of the afternoon shine in between red clouds, in the east a bright complete rainbow shines over a dark background of gray clouds. You open your mouth and a shout of pure joys is release into the air.

What a great way to end the day. What a wonderful surprise.

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