Tuesday, October 06, 2009

South, stormy, Wind

At last some wind... Not a wonderful one, but enough to go and enjoy a bit of Ria de Aveiro.

Yesterday the weather was heavy with the threat of rain (which latter did come) and humidity (22 °C feeling more like 28 °C). The wind was the blowing from the South to South-West at 7.2 m/s (~14 knots) with gusts of 12.3 m/s (~24 knots) when I got inside. Later it got a bit stronger (or should I say less week).

As usual with such wind (at least for me) you spend more time trying to start planing than actually planing. Even if a did take a big board (140 L) and a big sail (6.9 m²).

Not that I'm complaining... I am on vacation and I was plaining to go to Tarifa but the wind forecast made me change my mind and I'm staying in Portugal.

It was actually very good to be inside the water again, feeling the wind and the water. It's incredible how much I miss this feeling when I don't windsurf for some days... and it's been two and a half weeks from the last windsurfing session.

As a side note: I might be changing jobs and moving to a city that is a 40 Km form the Ocean. It's a really hard decision and with everything evaluated there is no clear winner. Oh well... let's see what I can find more about my current employee company and my potential next job.

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