Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday was another great day in Praia da Barra, Aveiro.

When I got there the wind a a bit light, not even enough to plan with my 5.4 sail, but around 18:00 it started to pick up and it lasted until sunset.

The swell was great for beginners: 1 meter waves, and with well defined sets. Anyone could easily get into the ocean without much worry for waves.

The pictures that I show here were tacked by a friend. He is overall a nice guy, but sometimes he focus on only one thing and the rest of the world becomes blurred.

That is what happened when he took my camera and started to take pictures of a certain girl...

When I come out of the water he told me that he hadn't see me and as such he had taken no photos of me in action but if you look closely you'll be able to see my bright blue sail on the right side of the photos.

Anyway, I feel like a really lucky person when I get to go on the ocean and feel the wind in my neck, the board jumping in the choppy water, the waves pushing me into the sky. Nothing quite like it.

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