Saturday, January 02, 2010

The unprofessionalism of Blue Air

Blue air is a low cost flight company with operations based on Romania. It's the only company currently flying a direct flight between Lisbon and Bucharest and as such has been my choice when flying to Romania. It has been one of the most unfortunate choices I have made. There wasn't one single trip that was not a mess.

The first time I flew with Blue Air the flight was some 5 hours delayed. I understood that there were weather issues (although other flight companies seam to deal better with those) but there was no excuse for the lack of information of attempt at keeping the costumers slightly less uncomfortable.

The delays have actually been a custom with trip with Blue Air. I don't believe there was ever one were there wasn't a bigger than one house delay.

Then there is the changing the flight plan at the last moment. The information is provided at the last moments possible and with implications that are profound in your trip plans. For example, changing a arrival time from around 15:00 to 1:00 the next day. In the middle of the afternoon there are still lot of choices on transport means but at 1 o'clock in the morning in most places there are no possible transport means.

So here is my advice for all people traveling to Romania: do not use Blue Air. The delays and changes of plans will ruin your trip. You'll be tiered, upset and cursing the decision to ever trust such amateur run operation.

ps: I wish the best to everyone working at Blue Air. It just seam that you can't work together very well and some of you might somewhat lack in the understanding of what is that you're supposed to do.

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