Friday, March 19, 2010

First good session of 2010

Another great windsurf session on what must have been the first good weather weekend of the year.

We started with a really tasty barbecue for lunch. It's just felt good to stay in the sun eating good food, waiting for the wind to pick up. I tried to do a Romanian delicacy called mici and even if they weren't as good as the originals ones they were eaten pretty fast.

At around 15:00 the wind did start. No much, just about 20 knots, but enough to start having some fun.

As the afternoon progresses the wind grew in strength. It was easily getting to the 30 knots. With a 5.4m sail I was starting to get a bit overpowered on the gusts, and I am a heavy guy. True be told I took a smaller fin than I usually use (340 instead of 450) -- I was planning on training to do a shaka, but the wing got to strong and I chicken out of trying.

At 18:00 I was out. Tiered but utterly happy.

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