Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fifth and last day at Tarifa

I was so eager to go and windsurf that I woke up really early, before even the sun rosed from behind the mountains. I went for a walk in the beach and enjoyed a warm, windy, start of the day.

As the wind blew still too strong for my gear we (what was left of the team, as some already started their trip back home) decided to follow a tip about some spots that were less windy and off we went to the east side of Tarifa.

After going up and down the mountains we arrived to the first spot. It looked too commercial. A parking park with more people to received money than cars, houses and constructions until the beach. Not nice, not our vibe at all. So we kept going until we arrived at the second tip: Palmones beach.

Now, I was rather disappointed with the wind at the spot so my feeling about the place can be totally wrong. It was a bad smelly and horrible wind place. The wind was funneled in a tight channel by the Gibraltar Rock. In 10 m you would have some wind and then there would be a total stall. Then there was the current caused by a river that made strange, very short period waves. All this mixed with a constant sound of big engines (it's very close to harbors and industrial installations) and the smell of oily, badly burned fuel.

We were supposed to stay for another day but after this bad experience, the rain and cloudy sky we just decided that we would better start the trip back.

And that was it for this trip to Tarifa.

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