Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tarifa, forth day

"Be careful of what you wish."

After a day of playful waiting the wishes for wind were soaring high and what do you know, they were answered. The levante had arrived in force. Wind blowing at 35 knots, gust reaching the 43 (measured in land, ou in the water it was for sure more). My smallest sail, a 5.4 m², and my medium sized board (100 litters) were far too much to venture some sailing so I just set my self for a photo session.

The focus of my photos and videos were the members of the team that had gear for such conditions.

Look in those pictures. Look at how the wave foam is being blown away by the wind.

This was the second time this year that I really felt that a smaller sail is needed. I think I have to get my hand on a 4.2 m² sail. Maybe a 85 l board would also be a good idea. Time to go out shopping...

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