Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some good wind this past two days…

Last Friday and Saturday were good days of windsurfing here in North Holland. Saturday I stayed and do some work but on Friday it was a really nice session.

The wind was coming from South-West, so going to Muiderberg would not be a very good idea. I end up going to Almere Centraal with my RRD FreeStyleWave 100 litres (2008 collection) (you can see some photos of it here and here and my good old Blade freeride 5.4m² sail.

As in Portugal so is the South Wind here in Netherlands. Inconstant, strong gusts and bringer of rain. Sometimes the wind would be at 12 knots and then a could would move in the sky and all of a sudden it would be blowing at 24 knots with gusts of 28 to 30 knots. I had quite a handful in those moments but also lots of fun.

Good to improve my gybes and tacks on (for me) a small board. And some jumping too. Nice! I mostly stayed at North shore of the Gooimeer but sometimes would travel more South and get close to the South shore (for relaxing the arms a bit nothing like a long stretch of just going forwards.

Then in the evening we had dinner in the club. A nice pizza with the sun shining on us, nice relaxed music playing and very nice company. Life has its very good days.

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