Sunday, May 27, 2012

My new gear: Fanatic Shark 135l and a Ride 5.0m² rig

I needed a board that was good for me to play in light wind conditions but be a board for my wife to develop her windsurfing skills. Well, after some searching, some reading and talking to some people I decided that a Fanatic Shark with 135 litres would be a good choice.

While searching I also found that this board could be bought with a rather competitive price as you could buy it in pack with a Fanatic Ride rig (sail, 60% carbon mast, mast base, mast extension and a boom).

Today for was the third time the board as touched the water and again in Muiderberg. It's such a nice place for learning. The water is shallow (actually so shallow that I cannot use the 48 cm Fanatic Shark G10 fin provided it it but a much smaller fin with only 30 cm) and very warm. The only issue might be the people in the water but if you go some 20 meters away and there's no head that you might bump into.

I never though that I was going to get tanned while in Netherlands. It's true that I had a bit of a "tanning" push while in Morocco but this past very sunny days have helped my skin to return to the usual tan colour of when I was in Aveiro. Nice!

My wife is really enjoying the new board and she also makes good use of the boardbag while waiting for me - the sun was already low in the horizon and the temperature was coming down. It was not cold but she was tiered from a long session of windsurfing and felt a bit on the chilly side. Anyway, it wouldn't be the first time that a board bag is used as a sleeping bag…

The weather forecast is not so great for the next week. The less warm weather (12°C) will be back, the wind will be gone and the clouds and rain show up. Oh well, it was nevertheless a wonderful Summer week, even better as it was completely unexpected.

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