Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend at last

At last some time to breath. It was a hectic week. Glad it's over, although I did have to bring homework. Somehow a graphic component is sending lot's of drawing events, and it's making a mess with the swing thread.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about: every graphic component draws it self. In order to keep things tidy all the drawing must happen at the same thread. If one component is taking for ever to draw then the entire application stops responding to the user. Not a nice thing at all.

The most probable cause is for a model not to be correct (search google for model-view-controler). If that's the case then I'll be finished soon. Anyway I'll probably just profile the entire application. No wrong can come from that.

There are several ways to profile a java application. I think I'll keep with a standard (now) that is visualvm (part of java 6 development kit since version 6 or 7).

In a next post I'll write how it all went.

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