Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surf 'till sunset

Yesterday I went with some friends to Praia da Barra to enjoy some surf and sunset. I didn't feel like getting in the water (wind withdrawal makes me depressive) so I stayed at the beach with my camera and took some photos.

As we are a rather heterogeneous group (we do enjoy the ocean and sports though) we had a bodyboarder, two surfers and a kayakesurfer. And me, the amateur photographer.

The waves were looking quite good, with time between sets to get out of the sweel, and then some 3 or 4 good 1.5-2 meters waves.

As usual during high tide the swell was very close to the beach which, sometimes, lead to small crashes into the sand.

On the other hand it allowed me to get closer to the action with my non water proof camera.

And surfing until the sunset is always a marvelous thing. Who knows if today I'll also join them in the water.

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