Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tarifa, third day

The day of wind change, from poniente to levante.

For most of the day only the slightest breeze would be felt. The wind was taking it's time to inflate the huge lungs that would then blow the strong levante of the nest day.

Without wind, and without one of our companions, has she had to take a trip to Faro to get a friend, we sat in the beach doing mostly nothing, looking at the nice scenery and building sand dikes...

Let me explain the motivation: two Dutch guys seeing the ocean tide rising to their spot on the beach. Moving is out of the question. A Dutch would not be a proper Dutch if we would not build a dike in such a situation. So a wall of sand must be built, thick enough to keep the tsunami waves out.

Well, the valiant efforts were not enough against the rise of the tide. It's was as if the biblical story of the great flooding was taking place. The pictures well attest the horror of the situation...

In the end of the afternoon the wind started to gather some strength. It was almost possible to go out and sail. Alas, it was but the wind gods breathing. The wind would blow for half and our to then stop for another half. It's something the for our kite surfers was a PITA. As the wind blew they would be happily riding out. Then, as the wind was all but gone, they would have to drag themselves and gear (kite, bar, board) to the beach, landing quite far from the departing place, looking forward for a big walk in the beach.

It wasn't a great day for sailing. But it was a great day to get the batteries all charged up and ready to go. Just look at the next picture! Don't you thing being in such a place is a bliss?

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