Friday, January 20, 2012

A bit of exercise

Weather forecast in Netherlands are a funny thing. Mostly in can be resumed to "probability of rain" or "showers" and usually are almost right. But not quite. The weather changes with a amazing speed and any forecast further than two hours are just wild guesses. This is important if you like outdoors activities (such as running, sailing, etc) as having a couple of hours without rain can make a huge difference in the way you feel your day.

Today was a perfect example of this sudden weather changes. From a hail to clear skies, from windy to calm. Only the temperature is usually very constant (today varying from 4°C to 6°C).

Taking advantage of the clouds giving us a break is a must (if you can, that is) and so when at 4 PM the sky became blue and quickly changed into running cloths, put my trainers and went for a run. It's so nice to run here. There are always new things for me to see, animals to watch and a feeling of never being at danger of being run over by a car.

So a 9.4 Km run in on hour and a half. Not bad for someone out of shape and a bit overweight as I am.

Tomorrow in the afternoon it's going to be not that bad for a small windsurfing session. I wonder if I'll have the guts to get into the water - it's still a bit cold and I didn't get new and warmer boots.

Still it has been a long time since I windsurf and there's a voice inside calling for it... Maybe I'll suffer my feet to freeze but still enjoy a bit of wind. I'll let you know how this conundrum (yeah, fancy word) resolved it self.

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