Monday, January 02, 2012

First day of the year 2012

First day of the brand new year of 2012 was spend traveling around South Holland.

The day, for obvious reasons, started a bit latter than usual and we left home only at about 12:00 and head to the city Den Haag. The weather was, I hope, not a forecast of what the rest of winter will be like: dark and rainy. Although we can say that we were lucky when we arrived to the City of Peace and we had two hours without rain. Enough to walk about for a while and get a bit the feeling of the city.

Downtown is a maze of pedestrian roads and a area on intense Asian influence. It even has a beautiful gate to China Town (I don't know if that is it's true name).

Christmas tree are still up and cheer up the day with bright colors.

The mix between the old building and the new ones is done without a feeling of detachment. The architecture of the new, taller, buildings merges seamlessly with the old blocks. Our eyes appreciate such nuances and care.

In Rotterdam it looks like everything is new and big. Big buildings, big spaces, big channels, big ships. A modern city that looks like it didn't loose it's humanity by crushing down its citizens. There was always something interesting to look when rounding a corner. Which only make it more of a pity that the end of the day and the constant rain didn't gave us much time to enjoy the city.

There is a myth that what you do on the first day of the year reflects what will be for the rest of it. No logical explanation is provided but would it be that this was true and I would have a rather nice year. Traveling with people that I care about to places were I have never been, eating good food and having good conversations. Just hope that somewhere in that windsurf and professional projects also fit.

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