Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some days back in Coimbra

I had to go back to Coimbra to do a exam in order to get the equivalence form the old five years degree into a master of engineering degree and to do some clean up and fixing on my parents computers (the curse of being the family IT guy).

The weather was just great: clear skies, sun shining all day long, nice temperature. Couldn't have been better for a stay without any windsurf session - there was no wind at all.

Now for some pictures.

The most blaring is the parking style of a certain owner of a Qashqai. As you can see in the image he (or she) managed to park in the parking place reserved for pregnant women or cars with small children on board, places that are a lot wider so that the car as easier access (to get the children in and out, etc) but he (or she) left the car in the middle of two such spots. Hurrah for social behavior, you schmuck.

Sad things aside and let me show you the beauty city where I was born.

The river and the University Tower dominate the old Coimbra. Both are always present, always part of the landscape.

Going out with friends and having a good time with family was also a good part of those days, a really very good part. No photos though - both because I was too lazy to take them but also because not everyone is is crazy about having it's photos spread around the web.

Ahh... on the exam subject: the grade has not been published yet but the teacher told me that I could come back to Netherlands without any worries. I guess that means that it's done and it's one less thing to worry about. Yeah!

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