Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lots of work and back to school.

Is has been a long time without any blog posting but time has been well spent.

At work I had two "quick paced" projects keeping me at work for 14 hours a day. I like this (some times) as it's a escape from routine. One of the projects was related to performance (I'm a freak for speed) the other was related to a user interface (via web). Some three weeks went really fast.

In the real life (out side work) I managed to travel a bit and practice my windsurfing. But I'll post those adventures in their own posts.

In another part of life (the surreal part?) I went back to University. I did my degree in 5 years, before the Bologna Treaty was sign and the my the degrees become 3 years and the master became 2 years. For me to get the equivalence to the master I need only to do two classes (actually one and a half, according to the amount of ECTS that are required). One, a mandatory one, is about management, the other (chosen by me) is on system integration (looks more interesting).

The real good part on this two classes is that I don't even need to go to the classes, as long as I keep up with the assignments and study. Very good for me.

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