Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trip to Tarifa (the way south)

For the third time this year I find myself driving south on the way to Tarifa and what a good feeling it is.

The trip starts early in the morning (as I usually do) and takes about 8 to 9 hours of easy driving. The most demanding part of the trip is when driving on the mountain roads of Lousã, Melriça, Marvão and others. None the less the view is sometimes spectacular and as the sun rises over the mountains you feel yourself powering up for a great day.

The worst part of the driving, not because of any driving skill being necessary, but because the highway and the landscape makes it utterly boring, is the long way south from Cárceres, passing Sevilla and arriving to Cadiz. The landscape doesn't change much, the road is mostly a straight line and apart from a tunnel (Tunel La Media Fanega north of Sevilla and the city parts of the way (both in Sevilla and in Candiz) are a test to boredom survival.

At last, at around 16:00 local time, I arrived to Tarifa and met with the rest of the wind team. They were already enjoying the good life of Tarifa, kitesurfing and enjoying the sun and the good weather.

I enjoyed staying around the beach but eventually it was time to set my camping. We all stayed at Camping Tarifa a nice and comfortable place to stay - lots of shadow, not crowded and quiet (not that many kids around as classes already started for them).

Tomorrow I'll continue with the story of some great days.

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