Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tarifa, second day

The best day. The best wind, the best weather, the best feeling. If only all days were just like this one...

The wind was blowing from west, what the locals call "Poniente". It's was a nice wind, not gusty and not too hot. It's not that it was particularly strong, it wasn't, but it was rather constant. I used my 6.9m² sail and was comfortable sailing with it, so I would say the wind was something like 25 knots (around 46 km/h, or 13 m/s).

Now the great thing of such constant wind is that it provides you with enough energy to just get on the board, pump the sail twice and plane on!

There aren't many pictures of this days: everyone was in the water having a good time...

and you can see it in my big smile. A great good day it was.

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