Sunday, June 19, 2011

Broken Boom

I've broken my boom yesterday.

I was just getting to plan, starting to speed up, when the tube in the front of the boom just broke. No warning, no twisting, nothing. Just total failure and into the water I fell. Coming back was a bit of and adventure..

It's not as if it was a particular good boom. It was just a ok boom for a beginner (which I am). The right price and quality for a startup gear.

It sucks because I'm having a long weekend next week and I wanted to go on some windsurfing travels (maybe to Viana do Castelo or Lagoa de Lagos). Now that's a bit out of scope unless I find a replacement.

I'm now looking at the North Sails booms and thinking that a Silver HD New Style is exactly what I should be aiming for. Sadly though the market for windsurf stuff in Portugal is quite small and as such there's only one shop selling North Sails gear and they don't even list the booms (only sails).

Fortunately the day was not completely lost as I could take a lend rig to keep on practising my tacks and jibes. After the windsurf clinic at Lanzarote my tacks have improve a thousand times but I still need to do a lot of training in my jibes to get to do them planning all the way through.

Update: added some photos.

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