Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip to Serra do Caramulo

The heat wave in Portugal and the lack of wind turn the weekend into a quest for something not that physical to do. I don't like to do sports out of the water when it's more than 30°C, it's just too hot. Getting to the beach now means waving our way though traffic jams and "Sunday" drivers so unless there's wind I'm all in favour of going the other way and into the mountains.

So yesterday, when the afternoon was already beginning to turn into evening, we decided (well.. I decided and imposed my will. Later I was told that it was one of the best ideas I had lately - I don't know if that a good thing though) to go for a trip to Serra do Caramulo.

On the way did found a very nice place... but I'm not telling you where. I can share a photo though.

Nice as the "secret spot" was we wanted to keep driving to get to Caramulinho. On the way we stop at a very nice river beach at São João do Monte.

Eventually we arrived to the summit at 1071 m of altitude and with a wonderful view of the valley between Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo, the mountains around Sever do Vouga, the Ria de Aveiro and the Atlantic Ocean.

The sunset was just spectacular. I just let the images speak for them selves.

The strong orange red light you see in this pictures is not the Sun but it's refection on the Ocean and the Ria.

As will all shows the performer always has to come end it. But what a majestic ending of the day it was.