Monday, June 13, 2011

The coach at the Windsurf Clinic @ Lanzarote 2011

I went to a windsurf clinic to see if something could be done about my bad windsurfing style.

To my surprise yes, I can be cured, with the proper training and with some coaching I might still be able to become a more or less effective windsurfer - planning early, managing to go upwind, faster and more accurate. In time I might even be able to pull out a push loop (I'm going for it...)

Anyway, for this post I just wanted to share this small video with Tom Brendt (the coach at the clinic) doing his thing. After the clinic was over he was finally rid of all the "patients" and could also score some fun.

Going to this clinic was one of the best things I could have done with the small amount of vacations I have. I feel that my windsurf skills has been pushed up quite a lot. Now I know what I was doing wrong, I understand how to fix it. Just need wind and water to practice.

I am quite sure that I'll be joining other clinics... In the meantime I'll be posting some of the pictures and some of the stories of this really nice event in future posts.

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