Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh what a day!

Two and a half hours of windsurfing in the morning. Three and a half in the afternoon. Planning all the time, training gybes, training tacks, training jumps. What a great day.

Getting back home to my beautiful wife.

What more can a man desire? (yeah.. I know... some things...)

Update: a more detailed report of the day.

The morning it was a session at Riactiva. The tide going down (water flows north) in conjugation with the wind from north (something between 14 and 18 knots) made planning possible even with a small fin (27), medium sail (5.4m²) and medium board (100l).

In the afternoon I decided again to use the tide to my advantage and went to the north part of Ria de Aveiro, in Bestida where the water would be flowing north with the coming high tide. Not that it was necessary. The wind speed increased from 16:00 on.

So plenty of time to train gybes, tacks and jumps... I'm improving so that one of this days I'll feel ok to play in the waves and do a push loop.

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