Friday, February 17, 2012

Carpathian mountains (2nd part)

Being in the mountains in winter I couldn't wait until I got to a ski track and went snowboarding. In Romania it's specially easy and cheap to rent equipment (one day rent for less than 10 euros), the tracks are well maintained, the scenery is great and if you're lucky you get fresh snow and sunny days. I was. I had both sun and snow fall during the day.

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If you use googleearth to have a look at the city of Predeal (Bra┼čov) you'll see that South East of the city there ski resort with both black and red tracks as well as space for the beginners to play and learn. As the surface satellite images are from 2012 you will see the city covered in snow. It only gets better by being there.

Being close to the center of the city means that accessing the resort is easy and getting something to eat or drink is also just a question of deciding to take a break.

All things considered I think it's quite a good value for money to go to this Carpathian mountains if you want to enjoy winter sports. I have been to resorts in the Alps and considering the prices and the what you get this is really a good deal for those that have a restrictive budget.

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