Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Siberian weather in Bucharest

As you probably all know Eastern Europe winter has been very harsh. Blizzards, weeks of constant snowing, temperatures hardly rising above the −10 °C. Not the best weather for traveling... unless you enjoy adventure and hardships.

Of course me, being lucky as I am, had a wonderful weather while traveling in Romania. Even a trip to the Carpathians Mountains (I'll write and share some photos of this trip in a future post) went without any incident and was fun all around. Well... I did pay a bit for that luck with the return flight, that was canceled due to a technical failure in the airplane. Apart from that hiccup the vacation were superb.

In one of the days that the sun decided to come and make everything shining I took a walk in Park Herăstrău that instead of being covered with flowers as I have always seen it it was just a vista of never ending white blanket.

Even if there was no clouds and the Sun was in clear view it was still cold (something like −5°C) although it didn't feel that way when comparing to previous days.

By the way, anyone can identify the birds on the photo at the beginning of the this post? They look half frozen, the poor things. I noticed that people were trying to provide some food for the birds but with the snow falling almost continually from the sky it was very hard for the birds to find the food. It's a very hard winter for all, be it humans, animals or plants. I would guess that the crops in most of Europe will be negatively affected, bringing another hardship on people of this good old Continent. But we shall prevail.

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