Monday, February 06, 2012

Frozen Weesp, now with snow

In the last post I promised to share some of the beauty of the snow in Weesp with you all. Well, I do have some photos but I think they don't do justice to how nice it actually was.

The frozen channels were transformed in long white avenues. In some of those natural skating rings kids were playing and skating. The kids and teens actually look like they were making the most of it, snow battles and other plays were happening everywhere.

The Aquamarin that I mentioned earlier was not only frozen but also covered in snow.

With nigh approaching and as the snow had stopped falling we went for some last day shopping in Almere and on the way back we went to my playground at Muiderberg and a good 250m of the water shore were frozen solid - solid enough for me to walk on it. My windsurf playground had transmuted into a wind-ice playground. Unfortunately I took no photos as I didn't had the camera with me and the phone camera is just horrible at night.

That night the temperatures in Weesp plummet to −12°C and that is quite cold on my book. In the morning, when leaving early to catch the flight to Bucharest, walking to the train station was a quite cold experience.

I'll tell more of the travel to Romania and how does it look and feel to be in a country that it's getting almost the full impact of the Siberian weather.

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