Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sunset at the North Sea

The weather in Netherlands has been cold but dry, with clear sky. Perfect to go and see the sun setting in a horizon defined by the North Sea. So to Wijk aan Zee we went and what a great Sunset we saw.

Wijk aan Zee is close to a huge industrial area (there's a huge steel factory there, a big harbor, some more heavy and light factoring facilities). Although we didn't linger in the village it looked like a really nice place to stay some days in a relaxing environment.

Unfortunately I am not a very good photographer, nor do I have a camera that can retrieve the beauty of the Sun in a sky totally void of clouds.

While staying in the peer and taking photos I noticed a Greenpeace boat, the Artic Sunrise, a name that I think was rather appropriate as the air temperature of −4°C were freezing my hands - I don't like to take photos with thick gloves so I usually take them off when taking photos.

Bon voyage where ever you mission takes you Greenpeace activists. And off to the sunset the heroes sailed…

This looks like a nice spot to windsurf. Hopefully, and due to the heavy industrial presence, it wont be very crowded during Summer. We'll see.

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