Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in the good land of Portugal

After the disappointment trip to Moulay I got to stay some days in my fatherland, my beautiful country and share those days with my dear wife. Wonderful days.

Although I had work to do at the computer (some mysterious project that will stay under the radar for a while) we had time to meet with friends, go twice to the beach where the warm air and tepid Ocean water made for a very relaxing time and visit the mountain of Lousã (east of Coimbra).

I can't actually say what did I enjoy more: the sight of a landscape that is not flat, the sound of the Ocean waves, the feel of the Sun warming the skin, the smell of the forest in the mountains, the scent of the Ocean at the beach, the people. It was all so good.

The waves were not that big but still a friend went and caught some good small but well shaped waves with his kayak.

Then, after staying the afternoon at the beach, swimming for a long time, enjoying the motion of the waves, laying down on the hot sand and talking with friends we had a wonderful dinner by the light of the big red Sun setting in the horizon.

I bet there aren't many European countries where you can comfortable (with just a t-shirt or a light sweater) have a picnic by the sea at Sunset on the first days of May.

In the next post I'll share some photos of the very luxuriant forest in the mountain of Lousã.

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