Monday, May 21, 2012

Serra da Lousã (the mountains)

One of the things that I have sorely miss while in Netherlands is a feature full landscape. The only beauty you can find here is man made or man arranged. Nature is allowed to grow only in a orderly fashion and I miss the chaotic growth of plants on fertile and wild soil.

In the mountains of Lousã you can find both the orderly and the wild, more of the later than the former.

A good starting point for a walk is the Castle of Lousã. From there you can follow any of the different paths up the mountains.

Starting in the semi-natural swimming pool created by the running river, a refreshing sight of free water, and climb up to the Sanctuary.

Every step providing a different view of the mountains, the sound of river always with you, echoing in the close valley.

Another possible track would take you to a traditional village (named Catarredor) but be prepared for a long and strenuous walk. We decided not to stress about it and drove to the village.

There we had a beer at Fantasia bar. A beer and a relaxing time talking the the other patrons of the bar.

On the way home we stopped at the the Quinta da Paiva / Parque biológico de Miranda do Corvo (Biologic park of Miranda do Corvo) but it was late and the ticket office was already closed. Still we managed to see some animals, some ducks and some birds of prey.

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