Thursday, May 10, 2012

It should have been a lot better…

Back in Portugal after one very disappointing week at Moulay, Morocco. Disappointing for the lack of wind but also the FBC there is a bit less professional than what I expected (specially after the wonderful experience at FBC Lanzarote last year). From schedule conflicts on rented equipment, appalling bad setting of the rig, seizing of the rented equipment and sometimes just plain bad manners. When things could go wrong, they did. I might explain better in another post, although I don't really see any reason to dwell on it. Maybe I'm actually being unfair (though I can't figure how) but I really feel that I'll never again go to Moulay spot unless I have my own equipment or a rental in another place.

It's even more astonishing that things worked out so bad when my experience with everything related to Fanatic has been great: Club Mistral travel agency is wonderful and really very helpful (they managed to book a flight for me in 20 minutes, just in time for the check-in), the other Fanatic Board Centers that I know are really nice, friendly and very professional, the people I got to have contact with are just great. It has always been a pleasure to do business with all of them and I expect it will continue to be so, just not ever with Moulay as a destination.

All in all I am really happy to be back in Portugal enjoying an exceptional warm weather and spending time with my family and friends. Soon this week at Moulay will be nothing but a faded memory.

In the mean time I'll try and get to go on another Windsurf Clinic.


Christian Meili said...

At least you were good company, Miguel! Still could enjoy my stay, though. All the best and CU next time on the water, preferably with a boom in our hands... Christian

Unknown said...

Hi Christian!

Yes. Tom and the participants group were great. I had really interesting conversations with everyone and I come home a bit more "rich" for that.

It just that we were very unlucky with the wind and then availability of rented equipment was a big problem. There's nothing to be done for the wind but setting up the equipment and delivering it to the customers can be easily improved. It's not normal to pay for a rental of equipment that is then taken from you.

One of this days I'll have to try and windsurf in the Alps. What was that the name of that lake where sometimes a really strong wind would pick up very fast? Was it Urnersee?