Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guys are windsurfing! yeah

Yesterday, Saturday 24th, I went to Muiderberg to check the veracity of some information I got in the beginning of Autumn that the water from the Ijmeer is pumped out into the North Sea and the water level drop something like one meter. Well.. as far as I can tell the water level is even higher than when I saw it last. So unless something will change in the next months of winter I guess that information was just bogus.

Surprise! There are people windsurfing in the Ijmeer now! Three windsurfers actually. That means that I'll be joining them really soon. Oh yeah! That made me very very happy. I miss being in the water.

So today, December 25th, will be the first day that I go and windsurf in Netherlands. Not in the North Sea but in the Ijmeer. To go in the North Sea I must convince some more people to join in. It's safer that way.

Windguru forecast looks not that bad. Some wind (around 17 knots) with gust (up to 26 knots) and about 9°C for air temperature. I guess the water is going to be more or less at the same temperature as the air, as it's a very shallow place. Yesterday we actually saw one of the windsurfers fall and simple stand with water by his waist.

Nine decrees is never the less a bit on the getting cold side of comfortable so I'll take my 6mm wetsuit with a hood. I look like a seal when I'm wearing it but it's really warm. I still don't have neoprene gloves but I'm guessing that today it'll be alright - it's not that cold and if the rest of the body is warm the hands also be warm.

My favorite car in Netherlands until now (apart from mine):

Small and filled with goodies. The driver almost has no space left for himself. Notice the stripes used to hold the board to the roof. It's great!

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