Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dutch seaside: Zandvoort

Today, and at last, we went and have a look into the Dutch seaside. No all of it, obviously, but the beach at Zandvoort.

The weather was nice enough. Some clouds, even some threat of showers, with the thermometer showing 2 as it's favorite number.

So we took off early in the morning (around 10:00) and the trip from Wesp to Zandvoort took around forty minutes. By the way, Dutch motorways are great. Not only is the tarmac in great condition as they seam to be properly design to let the traffic flow as fast as possible, minimizing congestion.

When we arrived to the seaside there was a breeze that was probably making the wind child being felt. In the water some surfers and some kiters enjoyed the conditions that, to me, didn't look like much - wind was onshore at about 15 knots and the waves looked all broken - mostly foam floating everywhere. Anyway: being inside is always better than being outside looking at those inside enjoying themselves. Maybe next time I'll bring my gear and try to navigate the north sea...

I enjoyed the public art offerings available at Zandvoort, I even made a new friend. I call him Mr. Shorty.

The sand sculptures were also nice. I wonder what do they use to keep the its cohesion for so long..

The spot looked like a really nice place, although I would bet than in Summer lots of Dutch think the same, crowding the roads, bars, restaurants and beach. Today at least it was nice to go for a walk there, feel the cold wind and the sun fighting for see which one was felt the most. I can easily imagine myself setting my sail from that beach if the wind is a bit stronger on more sideshore. The waves weren't bit (0.5m to 1m high I would guess) but they were enough to make it trickier to get out while fighting to go upwind.

As usually when there are kites flying there are kites falling. The white and red kite rider lost control and the onshore wind pushed the kite flying upside down until it was over the road. I could not see the kiter by then but with a lurch the kite returned to it's normal position, gain power and come down with increasing speed. That might have done some harm to a bystander and I do hope the kiter is fine and will learn to use the chicken loop soon.

We on the other hand just went to one of the beach bars and enjoyed some hot beverages: a hot chocolate and a capucino.

The bar was really comfortable without being too cozy. A fire helped to provide a nice and relaxing atmosphere. A nice place where to go and enjoy a afternoon.

Then it was time to head back and get lunch ready. On the way back I noticed that there was the beginning of a traffic jam on the way to Zandvoort. I guess Dutch people are just like Portuguese and enjoy staying in bed on Sundays mornings...

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