Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Netherland winter bicycle ride

Today the sun decided to show up during a couple of hours. It was a weather that could not be wasted so we took our bicycles for a ride.

Even with the sun shining it was chilly. Not actually cold, just not very warm (around 4°C). Some polar clothes and sailing jackets to cut the wind were more than enough to keep us warm (maybe even too much actually).

Some showers also showed up so the sailing jacked were a good thing to have with us.

The previous time I was here in Muiden I was told that the water would be pumped out into the sea during winter time, so I wasn't expecting to see so much water there. It it keeps like this I'm going to have really close to home a wonderful flat water playground for my freestyle practice.

One of the things that I am loving in Netherlands is the close relation the people have with water. I understand that its a natural requirement to survive here but the dutch show a real passion for the sea and naval stuff. I can relate to that.

Look at that barque. She looks wonderful. I took some more photos of her (here and here, the latter without effects).

I can imagine this with the full rig set, sailing out into the Ijmeer, Markermeer, Ijsselmeer and so on. What a nice trip it would be. By the look of the barque you can say that she has a owner that really cares for her and keeps her fit.

This talking about trip remind me of the Stad Amsterdam, a tall ship that provides charter services, meaning that one can go on board and participate on a tall ship life during a voyage. That is definitely something I will have to try some day.

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