Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting ready

At last I have a bag for my windsurf board. Also today the winter tires should be mounted on my car. These were two of the things that are out of my own personal control that made me delay my departure.

As it is I shall soon start the biggest car drive I have ever done. More than two thousands kilometers to get to my new home. What an adventure.

There are still some tasks to be done before starting the ignition such as:

  • prepare the route, with some annotations of places to rest;
  • pack everything inside the car;
  • buy backup parts for the car (light bulbs, tire repair, etc);
  • buy supplies for the trip.

The bag is a simple gray bag, Mytic Boarding (warning: Flash sites), 5 cm wider that what was needed for my board but it was impossible to get the correct dimensions in short notice.

For tires I went with the Pirelli Winter Snow Control II. At 75% of the price of the Michellin Alpine tires it was an obvious choice.

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