Monday, December 26, 2011

A walk in Amsterdam

Do you know what is a good way to spend a rather warm afternoon when you live in Amsterdam or close by? To go and walk. See the people, the buildings, the street animation, the season lights and so many other things.

If you can't see the above slideshow then have a look at the corresponding Picassa Web Album: A walk in Amsterdam

I am rather shy when taking photos so you want see any photos of street performances. Also my phone still has the original firmware from HTC that simple sucks and doesn't let me take a photo without announcing it to the entire universe with a annoying noise.

It's also hard to get good pictures in the city. The sky is very bright but the brick colored building are quite dark in comparison. To try and minimize the loss of details I tried either to overexpose the photos (therefore the sky is a simple white blur) or use HDR Camera that takes three photos with different exposure and then combines them to produce one final High Dynamic Range image. Sometimes the results are really good. Other times, special when there are moving objects, you get some strange effects like a pair of body less walking legs.

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