Friday, December 16, 2011

Road trip Condeixa (PT) to Weesp (NL): done

That's it. It's done.

I almost have no pictures from the trip. I was focused on driving and most of the trip was under rather bad light (cloudy night). Sun rise was when approaching Paris from Bordeaux direction. Paris was a nightmare (four hours to do some 20 kilometers), mostly because french people can't drive but also can't design roads (I'll write more about this on a latter post).

It was nevertheless a nice trip. Good music and some audio books made time fly. The car, despite being 11 years old, almost 250 thousand kilometers and carrying a ton of stuff behaved wonderfully. There is something so simple about just driving, going with the flow of traffic, letting your thoughts wonder. It's a nice experience. Hopefully I'll drive around a bit more (while we're still free to do so).

Even Paris was interesting, despite the exasperation that it causes while driving. I could see the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and some other tall landmarks. It's wasn't a complete lost of time.

Uahu! This house in Weesp is from 1951 and it looks more cozy and comfortable than lots of the new houses being built in Portugal (where it seams size is more important than comfort).

I would really like to see the inside of this houses. The glass windows are a invitation to have a look but I feel that that would not be well received (no peeking inside peoples houses).

Anyway, after half a day rest I must get back to working on the assignments. When that is done, and only then, will I have time to go and explore this place. It seams that it's famous for it's chocolate and beer. I love both.

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