Sunday, December 25, 2011


A really nice place to visit, Naarden, is a old fortress city that has kept a feeling of pass centuries alive.

St Vitos Church was closed so I could not have a look inside but I couldn't stop noticing the way the facade was build so that one feels small and insignificant. The very tall and thin fake windows provide you with a perspective that is well played to make the building look a lot taller than it actually is. It does work. When you look up into the facade you have a feeling that the church grew in height, that it's not the same building you saw from far.

To me it looked as if it was about to lift off and head into the sky...

Around the church there was a nice open space surrounded what I'm starting to think of as typical dutch houses. It looks very homely.

The city-hall is a simple but beautiful building and the sunset light were giving it a even more orange tint than usually. I say simple as I remember the Munich's city-hall with its intricate sculpted facade and, the last time I visit Munich, with a dark stain all over the stone, giving it a Gothic feel that was closer to the Emo style than what is comfortable for me.

The last photo I took was from a bronze statue of some saint or important cleric (which church it was I don't really know). It was a ominous figure. A thin beak like nose hanged on a dry face, a face with a expression of mild interest but disregard, and the hands raised at chest height and held apart, as if to hold our own necks and take us into a world of quick asphyxiation.

A really didn't like that statue...

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