Friday, March 30, 2012

100th post = first 2012 windsurf session

Hundredth post and what a good post subject it is: my first windsurf session this year. And what a session!

Yesterday, as the wind finally decided that Netherlands also needs to be aired, I went to my playground to acertain the conditions. I wasn't expecting much. The wind forecast was not bad (16 knots, gusts of 20) so I decided to take only my 6.9m² sail (that was a mistake, as you'll understand in a moment).

At noon the wind was coming from North-West, at 15 knots and the big sail gave the enough lift for me to be planning most of the time. At around 14:30 the wind started to change direction more to North and to get stronger, getting closet to a constant 20 knots with gusts of 22/23 knots. That for a 6.9m² sail is really heavy stuff and I was feeling way over-powered.

Since I didn't sail since last year (on the same spot actually) I am terrible unused to the effort required to windsurf. Every move was done a bit harder, spending more energy, requiring more from muscles that are not used to the effort. Specially in the beginning of the session when tiredness had not settled in yet. In the end of the day I felt like I had caught a bad case of flue - all my muscles hurt - but I would not have it any other way.

I didn't take many photos (too busy for that) so I can't show you how great Muiderberg looked. Even if it was a cloudy day it was filled with colour. The colour of some fourteen windsurfers and around eight kitesurfers.

This are just some photos I took before getting in the water. I was one of the first ones to arrive there (yes, that's thirst for action) but already some other guys were getting ready to go in.

Wonderful day.

Today the wind seams to have taken leave… let's hope tomorrow it comes back for more fun.

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