Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a good day!

What a great day here at north Holland. The Sun shines in a cloud free sky and temperature raised to a very comfortable 13°C. Enough to go cycling with shorts and a sweater. Which brought to my attention how pale my legs are. I need to get some serious stay in the sun soon or else I'll become a ghost...

It feels sweeeeet! (you have to picture in your mind Jeremy Clarkson saying sweet) Maybe spring is coming for real. There is even forecast for some wind during the Weekend. Oh yeah!

In every terrace there are people staying and enjoying the sun shine.
Now if only the wind would also show up...

So some stats on my cycling of today:

22.14 km
average speed
23.21 km/h
max speed
31.50 km/h

Not very bad but I need to improve my stamina so that I'll be ready for the wave windsurf camp in Moulay.

Well, latter I'll go for a swim, so eventually my body will react and get used to exercise again. I hope…

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