Friday, March 23, 2012

Breaking records

While waiting for wind I'm getting better at riding bicycle… or at least in riding faster and for longer. Here are the stats for today ride:

43.73 km
average speed
22.59 km/h
max speed
41.40 km/h
So I broke two personal records today: maximum speed (yeah) and distance.

Being new to the place I can enjoy the rides for both the exercise as for the sense of discovery. There is always something new: a new village, a new terrace, a different house and now, with spring, lots of new born lambs, calfs and cabritos (yes, that's a English word. You can use "kid" instead if you prefer).

I know I should take more photos of all this things I see while riding. At least to try to keep a memory of that feeling of discovery. But… I'm lazy. It's a pain to stop, take the phone out of the pocket, turn it on, load the camera application, point the photo, shoot, block the phone, put it back into the pocket and start riding again. Too much trouble. We need a visual cortex to SD card interface.

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