Sunday, March 25, 2012

6 knots. damn…

Another bicycle ride, this time with the wife for company. So a more relaxed pace, more sight seeing and taking advantage of the nice places where to stop. Trip stats:

32.25 km
average speed
max speed
I think my better half is now regretting a big part of those 32 km but I think the important this is that she did it.

In the photos you can see a nice terrace and a nice place, both in Abcoude a really nice place.

After the bicycle ride we went to Muiderberg (my playground) to check the wind already knowing that it would be hardly more than 10 knots. When we got there it was even worse than that. A constant breeze of 6 knots blowing form the North. Not enough for making me go into the cold water (now at 7°C) but enough to steel the heat from your skin quite fast. Even if it's sunny the air temperature is still not warm but a mere 10 °C.

The guy you see in the photo above was obviously desperate to get in the water. Is trick was to walk on the shore, along the yellow grass in the photo, gaining some up wind space and then slowly make his way downwind to the shore. My guess is that it actually worked because the water is so shallow there that the board was dragging on the bottom sand.

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