Friday, March 30, 2012

Marken village, the photos

Wednesday we took advantage of the now longer day to go and visit Marken. I went there by bicycle on Tuesday but this time we just took the car.

It's a wonderful place and I bet that in Summer it will be full of tourists and it will lose some of its appeal. Right now it was like going back in time. Small streets where a car can't even fit, wooden houses, flowers in pots, cats and farm animals on the side.

I took some nice photos that I you can see in this PicasaWeb album or on the following slide show (requires Adobe Flash plugin, sorry for that).

All in all a very nice place where to go and spend a couple of hours walking about. Keep in mind that visitors are not allowed to drive the car to most of the peninsula and the parking close to the village costs 4.50€. If you keep driving until the village you'll be "stuck" in the park where you'll have to pay. Better park before you actually get in the village and save the money for a pint when you're back.

I challenge you to find the word "Saudade" on a house within the village. It exists (you can check the photo) but it's not a easy find. I wonder what's the story behind a Portuguese word in a traditional Dutch village…

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