Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traveling in South Holland: Delft

Long time without updates but so many thing to write about... several posts my be the best idea as it's easier to tag and keep the organization.

In the end of February I traveled to South Holland to visit the sea coast and the University of Delft. Let me start with this latest: the Technische Universiteit Delft one of the three universities in Netherlands that provide engineering degrees (the other two being TU Eindhoven and University of Twente). I cannot state much about the courses, teachers, students or studies but I can say that the campus looks really nice with inspiring buildings and open spaces that invite for casual fraternization (if the weather so permits).

Above is a picture of the Aula Congress Center reminds me of the Alpha Vehicles of the TV series Space 1999. For a old time science fiction addicted that just great.

The library is the piece de resistence. I don't have pictures from inside the building but google is at your service.

The conic shape you see above ground is actually a light cupola, providing natural light to the interior of the library. Inside the building is even nicer than outside. It's worth the visit just to see the library. Staying inside and working is a privileged and I wonder if the people that are working, studying or simply staying there realize that.

The Civil Engineering faculty looks like a extended Sand Crawler from Star Wars.

The Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (yes, they are all under the same roof. Must be interesting…) building is the tallest and imposing building of the campus. I wonder what message did they want to send?

There are several more faculties at the university, but this were the one that I remember.

Of course the university campus is worth the visit but so is the city. I'll share only a couple of photos taken with my phone on a gray dark day.

Photography value close to zero but at least it shows that Delft has more than just the University Campus.

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