Saturday, March 31, 2012

More wind

Oh it's another great day to be in the water (apart from freezing finger tips).

From 13:00 until 16:00 it was really good, constant wind from North. Later it started to sometimes falter and then it just dropped to 14 knots or so. The water temperature was at around 8°C as was the air. So… slightly on the cold side.

This time I took a 5.6m² sail and everything was so much easier. It's also because I was not so thirsty for action. Thursday session had cured my aching for sailing, with sore muscles and overall tiredness. Today session was a lot more relaxed. As if now I could actually take the time to appreciate the feeling of the board, the sound of the wind on the sail, the pressure in the harness lines. Even so my favourite action when getting home after a windsurf session: shower, eat and sleep.

If on Thursday I though there were lots of sailors, today it was a crowd, with some 30 kiters and another equal number of sailors. Way kool to see so many people enjoying the wind.

I'm a happy camper. Lets see if tomorrow I get to sail with some people with which I already sailed before (check it here and here).

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